Comic--Yesterday was a Sunday

Thanks to Issue 13 of McSweeney's, I was introduced to the work of John Porcellino, author of, among other things, King-Cat Comics. At the time, I wasn't all that familiar with comics and/or graphic novels--I think I'd read only Christopher Ware's novel, and Porcellino's work, like Ware's, was different than anything I'd ever seen. I was really drawn to it (pardon the pun) and immediately wrote a kind of imitation.

The problem, though, was that I can't/couldn't draw at all.

So, I sat on the story and figured someday I'd find a collaborator. Last year, I considered sending out an email to the art majors at Knox, but I never followed through with it, because, honestly, I wasn't sure I wanted to mess with all the work that can ensue during a collaboration.

While I was at Bread Loaf, though, I met a writer of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and, yes, comics, named Amanda Nazario. During an email exchange after the conference, I told her about that I'd written a comic a few years ago that had no pictures and asked her if she'd like to work on it. She said she would, and she offered several notes right away. She told me how she envisioned the guy, his apartment, all these little details, and they were pretty much exactly in line with what I'd imagined. Then she got to work drawing.

The results of her efforts arrived in the mail today, and I have to say, I think it's pretty cool. I have, oh, I'm not sure how many copies, but if you want one, I'd be glad to mail it to you. For free, of course. Just e-mail me your address, and, eventually, I'll get it sent.

I've already finished writing comic story number 2 and I'm working on numbers 3 & 4, and, if I can get Amanda to keep working with me, I'm curious (and excited) to see how they'll all turn out.


Amanda said...

I should put in my $0.02 and say that I, too, think Y.W.A.S. came out totally swell. I look forward to churning out the next few installments (of course I'll do them, Chad, you sycophant).

I have about 50 zines here, and I can always have more xeroxed if demand gets enormous.

In other news, it is 2 AM in New York. Anyone have an Ambien?

Adam said...

Adam McDowell
KBox 1154

Please? I'm excited!

Avery said...

7601 Carrington Dr. Apt G
Madison, WI 53719

ewenorker said...

I have reported you to the Bureau of Abandoned Blogs.