My wife sent me a call a couple weeks back for a contest hosted by Highlights Magazine. They're looking for stories of fewer than 800 words. The theme: The Future.

I didn't think I'd actually work on a story for kids, but a day or two later, I ended up writing six hundred or so words of the beginning to some story. For fun, here's the first paragraph:

Carlos Padilla had always imagined what Rio, Illinois, would look like in the year 2998. Rio was the Spanish word for river, but in Illinois, they pronounced it rye-oh. Carlos thought rivers were sometimes beautiful, especially at night, when he and his parents drove on a bridge over one. The lights were like stars on the water, and the river, it was like another solar system, right there beneath him. He could have sat in the back seat of his parents' car and stared at the river forever.


Avery said...

A story for kids?

But it sounds like something I'd keep reading ... and I don't think I'm a kid anymore, though if you listened to me talk to my four-month old son, you might think otherwise ...

Oh, and thanks for the nod about our reading/fundraiser earlier ... You got the mass email we sent out, yes?

Chad Simpson said...
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Chad Simpson said...

Well, at least you don't sound like a kid when you talk _about_ your four-month-old.

Or do you?

And you're welcome for the fundraiser nod. I'll try to put up something soon on my MySpace page, too.