The Real and True Story

My story "The Real and True Story" appeared in the Spring 2007 issue of Red Wheelbarrow, and Randolph Splitter and the fine folks at Red Wheelbarrow recently updated the website and posted the story's full text.

If you'd like to, you can read it here.

And if you're one of those people who actually goes and reads it: I'm in the process of doubling this story's length. As it is, the piece kind of pretends to be the real and true story, which initially was an exercise in ethos. In recent drafts, I'm playing with the real and true story a little more, and it's becoming a story I truly love working on.

I think I may end up submitting the final version to a chapbook contest or two, depending on how it all turns out.


Avery said...

Jesus, that's a good story, Chad.

And even though I can only speak for myself, I'm sure others feel the same way: you've definitely succeeding in charming us with your stories, your words.

Chad Simpson said...

You're, like, one of my favorite people ever, Steph.

Thanks so much.

Avery said...

Even though I wrote "succeeding" when I meant "succeeded?"

Avery said...

I thought I left this comment last week, but apparently I'm going nuts (they say you lose brain cells once you have a baby), so I'll leave it here and now:

Did you read "Burn" from Avery 2? Two young brothers, one singe mother, one emergency room. You might like it. One of the best endings ever.

Avery said...

I meant Avery 1. God help me.