Sister Winter--Sufjan Stevens

I think I posted a different video for this song about this time last year, but it remains one of my most favorite Christmas songs ever, and so I'm posting it again. Seriously--it's right up there with "O Holy Night."

Happy holidays, all.

If you're up for it...your favorite holiday songs in comments. A couple more of mine: "Let Me Sleep (It's Christmas-time)" by Pearl Jam and "Another Lonely Christmas" by Prince.


Donna said...

I listed to Sufjan's Christmas CD set all the way to Huntley, IL earlier this week! I love it.

O Holy Night happens to be one of my favorites, too. Also The Holly and the Ivy. And Greensleeves. It's the pagan in me.

Then there's The Rebel Jesus, by Jackson Brown, on the Chieftains Christmas CD. I like that one, too.

Happy New Year, Chad and JC!

Alexander Chee said...

I didn't know this one. Holy crap.

For me, the Waitresses, Christmas Rap, and ...Last Christmas, George Michael---especially in someone else's car if I'm drunk, moving between parties and waiting for the whole thing to be over...

This year, I found this amazing blog of Last Christmas cover tunes: http://www.last-christmas.com/

Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous said...

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