Update: Jennifer Love Hewitt

First: Did you know Raymond Carver has a MySpace page? I'm currently awaiting approval to be his friend.

I do hope he says yes.

Second, a poem. I'm working on a little sequence/series of poems. Well, I conceptualized a little sequence/series of poems a while back, and I recently started working on some, mostly as a way to get me working on the stories and essay that I really want to be working on.

This is an early draft, but what the hell--I never claimed to be a poet.

* * *
Which Party of Five Character Are You?

I confess: I used to love
Jennifer Love Hewitt. There was

something imperfect about her nose or ears, her teeth
were crooked, and her breasts

were amazing. I don’t remember
the name of her character on the show,

only that she was somebody’s
girlfriend and that she used to say

Bailey in this way that was so real and full
of hurt she made me

want to change my name.

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