Summer of Skin

No, the post's title is not a reference to my impending summer vacation. We're on terms here, which means I still have four-plus weeks to go. With all that's left to do, though, they should pass by pretty quickly.

But back to the post's title: My story "Summer of Skin" appears in the May/June 2008 issue of The Rambler, which is available now. The magazine looks great, and, as always, I'm pretty thrilled about it all.

The story isn't excerpted online or anything, but you can check out the full table of contents here.

Also, the cool artwork that accompanies the story, done by James Gustavson, can be viewed over at his blog. Just click here. I really like how he portrayed the dad in the story. It's pretty much perfect.


james gustavson said...

Thank you, Chad Simpson! Whenever I illustrate a story, I always hope the author likes it but I usually never find out. Thank you for writing such a story that inspired me and many others!

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