The Dark Knight--Update

I caught the three o'clock show last Friday, and I liked it.

My expectations were, obviously, pretty high, and it didn't quite live up to them, but still, it was very good.

My primary complaint: I thought it was going to be a little bit darker than it was, and I wanted it to be. I wanted to see some blood. I wanted to see the Joker and the Batman as just a little more human, in a gritty way.

Maybe that's what I'll have to look forward to in the next one. I certainly hope so.

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Matt Bell said...

You know, I totally know what you mean about the lack of blood (and I'm torn on whether I needed it or not), but I have to say-- That was a really dark, pretty gruesome movie considering it was only PG-13. I couldn't believe that wasn't rated R.