Fishing with D.--Again

I've told these types of stories before...but Wednesday, I took D. to my parents' lake cabin for the afternoon.

He fished from the shore for a while, and then, after I'd read and relaxed for a bit, I took him out on my parents' fancy-pants paddle boat, so I could do some fishing, too.

Before we took off, though, I put on a little sunscreen. Usually, I only like to wear sunscreen when I'm wearing a swimming suit. I don't like getting it on my clothes. That afternoon, though, I decided to put some sunscreen on my arms, on my face, and on my ears. I realized that I should put some on my legs, but I couldn't make myself do it. I didn't want the sunscreen rubbing up against my shorts.

Just this morning, for the first time, the sunburn on my knees has stopped hurting. For a while, my knees were almost plum-colored.

And in case you were wondering: We caught next to zero fish. D. snagged a few babies, but there was nothing at all on our lines worth taking home.

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