This post isn't necessarily related to the post that precedes it, but I suppose it could be interpreted that way.

Last week, J.C. and I were watching TV when...

Well, how about I write it out as a short play:

[Man and woman sit on couch, watching television. The digital clock nearby reads 11:11.]

Her: It's 11:11. Make a wish.

[She closes her eyes, then opens them.]

Her: Wait a minute. What were you wishing for?

Him: I thought it's bad luck to say.

Her: I'm just saying: If you were over there wishing, "Let the Big Toe Review publish my story. Please," while I was wishing to win the Lotto, and then you get your wish instead of me getting mine...well, just so you know, you'd be screwing us both.


Her: That better not have been what you were wishing for.


Her: Seriously.

[End scene.]

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