7 Lines

I found out about this a couple weeks ago.

While it's cool that to have something like a 1-in-14 chance of winning $1,000 for seven lines of prose, it all makes me a little nervous, because this amazing author is doing the final judging.

Since I've published quite a few stories now, and shared magazine space with some pretty great writers, I'm fairly certain that my work has been in the hands of at least a few writers whose work I admire. And while I should probably be comfortable with this by now, for some reason I'm not really.

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Emily said...

Summer reading, indeed! I read a few of Chuck Palahniuk's books which I very much enjoyed and am currently between the pages of Samuel Beckett's "Molloy."

I trust you'll publicize your 7-line story soon? Good graces sent your way regarding the contest.