I have a little story over at Keyhole Magazine in their May 2009 Keyhole Digest. Here is Peter Cole, on what he's doing:

Keyhole Digest is a monthly printout, distributed for free in Nashville. Each month we'll fit as many stories and poems as possible onto a single sheet of paper, fold it into thirds, and hand it out...Feel free to print, fold, and hand them out yourself, wherever you are.

I printed a few copies this morning and folded them up and put them out on the coffee table outside my office at school. I'm going to distribute a few more around campus later this week. If you're so inclined, I think you should follow Peter's advice and do the same. You could maybe even leave a note here about where you dropped your pamphlets off...

Is that too much to ask? I don't know; maybe it is.

At any rate: Much thanks to Peter & Keyhole Magazine for having me.

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Anonymous said...

gimme one of your pamphlets, bitch.
-the kid who calls u bitch.