House Calls

A while back, NPR issued a prompt for their second Three-Minute Fiction Contest, which asked potential participants to begin their stories with the line: The nurse left work at five o'clock.

I started messing around with something that spoke to the prompt and eventually finished it. A couple of months later, that piece has been published in the November issue of Hobart. You can read "House Calls" here.

Huge thanks to Aaron and Jensen for having me.

For some (fairly) recent favorites of mine from Hobart, check out the following:

"My Hand, Dead Tissue, Severed at the Wrist" by Kevin Wilson

& two stories by a couple of friends of mine:

"Hunters" by Eugene Cross &

"The Secret of Healers and Monsters" by Justin Hamm

Umm...While I was linking to those, I noticed that Hobart is down. I'm guessing (hoping?!?) that Aaron's going to be all over that, and that things will soon be back up. So, I'm going to leave the links the way they are for now.

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