Joshua Cohen

keeps a genizah as a part of his website.

A new story goes up each week, and so I'm not sure how much longer "Bibliothanatos, or epigraphs for a last book" will be there. Since it might not be long, you should hurry.*

Here's the first sentence:

Once, in the future, a man wanted to keep a secret safe from everyone. He wrote it down into a book.

*Although...if it's gone, something brilliant will certainly be in its spot.


Kyle Minor said...

Great post! I'm glad you've discovered my new favorite writer. You should read his novels, Cadenza and A Heaven of Others, and I've just read the new one, Witz, in galleys, and it's an old-fashioned massive ambitious novel the likes of which we hardly ever see anymore, and his best work yet.

Marvin K. Mooney said...

What can we have for your dinner party, Chad? The soup is the fasten of legends.

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