"Functional, functional..."

A week or so ago I started reading a little essay/fiction over at DIAGRAM. I always forget about this particular online magazine, despite the fact it's one of my favorites and one that has published quite a few people I know in the really-real world, but that afternoon, for whatever reason, I'd thought to check to see if DIAGRAM had a new issue up. They did.

I tend to start reading whatever magazines--online or print--by choosing names I know, call me biased, and I recognized the name Sean Lovelace, so I started with his piece. It took all of three or four syllables for Lovelace to hook me. A couple syllables later, I happened to glance at the clock up in the right hand corner of my computer screen, though, and saw I had to get to work. So, I closed up shop and headed off, and I completely forgot about the little essay/fiction (I'm not quite sure what to call it) that had intrigued me.

A few days later I hopped over to Matt Bell's place online and saw that he was raving about the same piece by Sean Lovelace that had floored me. I left Matt a comment--something like, "Hey, thanks for the reminder."--and then I darted off to work again.

Just now, I sat down and finally read the thing from beginning to end--twice--and I must say I'm still impressed. The essay/fiction includes an epigraph by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and it's definitely worth your time.

You can read Lovelace's essay here, and you can check out the rest of the table of contents for issue 6.6, including people you've both heard of and never heard of, here.

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